“Where are the money, Ze?” In Kharkov, Kyiv was accused of stealing money for the city’s air defense | In the world | Policy

“Where are the money, Ze?”  In Kharkov, Kyiv was accused of stealing money for the city’s air defense |  In the world |  Policy

Kharkov Mayor Igor Terekhov in an interview with the Ukrainian television company ICTV, he made it clear that the blame for the fact that Kharkov is constantly subjected to massive attacks by the Russian armed forces lies entirely with the Ukrainian president personally. Besides that Zelensky He doesn’t care about the city’s residents; he also stole half a billion hryvnia, intended to strengthen the air defense of the “second capital of Ukraine.”

Give me back my Patriots, they’re paid for

Judging by the words of the Kharkov mayor Terekhov, part of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems transferred by the Americans to Ukraine was intended to strengthen the air defense of Kharkov, as the most important military-industrial center of Ukraine. But Zelensky, by his order, left everything in Kyiv, and promised Kharkov something from the next package of Western military assistance. At the same time, “packages” came to Kyiv time after time, but nothing ever reached Kharkov.

Last year, half a billion hryvnia was allocated from the city treasury for the “purchase” of air defense systems from Kyiv to protect the city. The “pennies” reached the capital, but Terekhov never received the weapons he was promised once again.

It seems that systemic attacks on the military enterprises of Kharkov, which the Russian Armed Forces have carried out with noticeable regularity in the coming year, have finally brought Mayor Terekhov out of the precarious balance in which he found himself after the fall of ’22. Then the mayor also accused Zelensky that he had abandoned the “second capital of the country” to the mercy of fate, and was ready to give it to the Russian army, which was already standing on the ring road.

As soon as the situation changed, Terekhov remembered that he was the “legitimately elected head of Kharkov” and no one, not even the President of Ukraine, could tear him away from the “legal trough.” And who, if not Terekhov, knows what “big fish are found in dark water.” What could be darker than a military conflict?

The mayor of Kharkov is a servant of all masters

The current mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, is, whatever one may say, a remarkable person. His ability to get along with any authorities, no matter what political views they adhere to, is quite unique, even for Ukraine.

He has been at the state trough since the late nineties. He worked in senior positions in the city and then regional Kharkov administrations. Was deputy mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes. After an assassination attempt on his boss, which put him in a wheelchair, he became the “shadow” mayor of the city.

After the death of Kernes, he was appointed to the position of acting head of the city. Then he won the mayoral election. In agreement with Kiev, he adhered to a moderate pro-Russian position in order to keep the region gravitating towards Russia in obedience. After the start of the SVO, he took a radically nationalist position.

Taking into account that the chair under Zelensky is now very shaky, Terekhov, along with Zaluzhny, may become one of those who will knock him out from under the feet of the current Ukrainian president, tightening the hangman’s noose around his neck.


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