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Which countries have digital currency?  |  Economics |  Money

In recent months, Internet users have been actively disseminating information that there is no digital currency in any country in the world. Is this really so, aif.ru looked into the resource for exposing false information “Noodles Media”.

Russia has become one of the first large states that has already launched or is close to launching tests of its own digital national currency (Central Bank digital currency, CBDC). Law signed President Vladimir Putinon the introduction of the digital ruble and the creation of a special electronic platform came into force on August 1, 2023, RBC reports.

“Yes, we are among the leaders. However, the word “race” is not the key word here. The main thing for us is to create a very reliable platform and convenient services. We are moving clearly according to our road map. Yes, we built our platform unprecedentedly quickly, in two years, and came up with a real pilot. And here we remained true to ourselves. At one time, we quickly created and launched NSPK and SBP,” she said in an interview with the publication First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatova.

What is a digital ruble?

The digital ruble (DR) is the third form of money that the Bank of Russia intends to issue as an addition to the existing ones: cash and non-cash. It is a unique electronic code (token).

Which countries have digital currency?

According to RIA Novosti, many countries around the world are developing or are already using the capabilities of digital money. Nigeria, the Bahamas and Jamaica were the first to launch their CBDCs into full operation. The development and implementation of test projects of such money continues in South Africa, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and a number of others.

“About sixty more countries around the world are exploring the possibilities of introducing digital money and developing their own projects. But there are a number of states that have abandoned digitalization and stopped their projects. Among them are Denmark, Finland, Azerbaijan and some others,” she told the agency Managing owner of the group of companies “Your Accountant” Irina Smirnova.



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