Who will blink first in the Lula-Arthur Lira relationship – 02/13/2024 – Opinion

Who will blink first in the Lula-Arthur Lira relationship – 02/13/2024 – Opinion

There is a decision to be made in Brasília with the potential to rearrange a large part of the political tableau. It concerns the following question: will President Lula (PT) and the President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira (PP-AL) face each other or will they renew their partnership for another two years?

The past plot is known.

Despite the narrow victory over Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the left elected just over 100 of the 513 seats in the Chamber. Soon, Lula adopted the only apparently sensible decision in the direction of governability and directly supported Lira’s re-election to the command of the House in February 2023.

It was not a trivial choice. Lira heads the right-wing centrão and not only led the troops that gave political support to Bolsonaro but also worked to re-elect him.

Lira and the center, as expected, jumped on the new government’s boat. It’s life, it’s the center.

It turns out that a Lula government with a president of the Chamber from the PT or the left is one thing (Lula achieved this in most of his first two terms), another is a Lula government with the center calling the shots in the Legislature.

The PT member and his political organizers felt this firsthand in 2023.

In February 2025 there will be an election to succeed Lira, who can no longer run for office.

There is a dream among PT members to cook the president of the Chamber on the back burner until the end of the year and then throw all their chips on a more palatable candidate.

Not from the PT, there is no chance of that, but someone who is willing to return the management of most of the billion-dollar parliamentary amendments to the government. This was the responsibility of Lira and her allies in the Bolsonaro government and, under Lula, it is the reason for the perennial Planalto-Câmara disagreements.

As Lira is not a beginner, she seeks to convince her peers that electing a trusted successor — her friend Elmar Nascimento (União Brasil-BA) — is the best way to maintain the model.

The meeting between Lula and Lira last Friday served to settle the game so far. The match, however, won’t end for another year.


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