Why does Northwest Angle stand out from the crowd with its charm?Fireworks rise, rejuvenating the old neighborhood of Shouxinxin

Why does Northwest Angle stand out from the crowd with its charm?Fireworks rise, rejuvenating the old neighborhood of Shouxinxin

  Tianjin Northern Network News:In 2023, the northwest corner of Tianjin will “ignite” the taste buds of the entire network, and diners from all over the world will come here. While the sales of various types of delicacies in the northwest corner area have soared, it has also led to an increase in the popularity of surrounding consumer facilities. In order to ensure the stable development of the area with the support of top-notch breakfasts, Lingdangge Street in Hongqiao District has integrated merchant resources and explored the establishment of a public charity fund to feed back regional development with the Internet celebrity economy and create a regional development ecosystem so that residents and merchants can share prosperity. Sustainable development both online and offline.

  A large number of foreign tourists check in to see the character and charm of Tianjin Flavor Exhibition

At 5:30 on Saturday, there were many diners lining up in front of the breakfast shop in Huanqing Hutong: “My mother is 85 years old and loves fried cakes and old tofu from the northwest corner. We rush here to buy them on weekends. Now it has become an Internet celebrity, and if you come late, you will have to wait longer in line.” Lao Song, who lives in Beichen District, is an authentic “Wei Zuizi” and a die-hard breakfast food in the northwest corner.

“The pancake shop is here. Turn left at the intersection, right? The rolls you want to eat are available at both locations. The mutton soup we had last time was a Hui specialty. Do you want to try it again?” Ms. Zhang and her lover I took a weekend trip from Beijing to the northwest corner of Tianjin to go shopping. At this time, I was looking at the theme wall of “Guide Map of the Northwest Corner” to study the target food for this trip: “We come here often, and there are a lot of delicious food. And Tianjin and Beijing It’s close, so I can come over for brunch in the morning, go play around for a while, visit the banks of the Haihe River and nearby shopping malls and attractions, and then go back in the afternoon. I’ll have a fulfilling weekend.”

At 10:45 on Wednesday, it was long past the breakfast period. The alleys next to the Nanda Mosque in the northwest corner were still crowded with people. There were still queues in front of shops such as Cake King, Ding Kee Rolls, and Halal Yang Kee Pancakes. There were long queues, and some restaurants with dine-in seats and even tables and chairs outside the stores were full of diners. “Breakfast here is generally sold from around 5 in the morning to around 12 noon, and the business hours are longer on holidays. During the National Day holiday this year, queues started here at around 4 in the morning, and merchants such as pancake shops have been operating. The stall is not closed until two or three in the afternoon.” Ren Cuirong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Lingdangge Community, said that since the breakfast in the northwest corner became popular on the Internet, the number of diners has increased sharply, and the business hours have been extended from breakfast to lunch.

“We are traveling from Yunnan. We saw on Douyin that the breakfast in the northwest corner of Tianjin is particularly famous, so we came to try it out.” Ms. Chen and two other friends, who were waiting in line for the rice dumplings, each held a roll in their hands. Chatting while eating: “Before coming here, I made a guide online. The rolls and crispy rice dishes here are special breakfasts that can’t be found in other cities. They taste really good, and you can taste them with real ingredients, without technology or hard work. Son.”

“Have you eaten…Gaba cuisine…do you like what I learned?” Auntie Wu from Xi’an stood in front of the “Tianjin Food Dialect” theme wall with her fellow sisters. While taking photos and checking in, she did not forget to learn Tianjin dialect from the reporter. He read the dialect on the wall, “I just visited the shop in the alley and bought fried cakes, rolls and cakes. After taking pictures, we will find a place to sit down and try Tianjin breakfast. This place feels very authentic. We I saw many locals coming to buy breakfast, and the price is not expensive.”

The reporter visited the northwest corner food area at different times on weekends and weekdays and found that 70% of the diners were tourists from out of town. Tourists like Miss Chen and Aunt Wu were here carrying hiking bags or pulling suitcases. It also forms a unique scenery. The reporter visited some hotels and scenic spots within a radius of five kilometers in the northwest corner and found that the traffic brought by the breakfast effect also increased their operating efficiency, especially budget hotels and star hotels in Nankai District and Hebei District, as well as Tianjin Eye, The city’s iconic attractions such as the Haihe River Cruise are the “stop-in” choices for many diners.

  Delicious unlock traffic password, old taste and new tricks remain the same as the original intention

The charm of the northwest corner lies in its grassroots plot deeply rooted in people’s lives. Authentic craftsmanship, solid ingredients, authentic taste, and rich varieties… Even though it has become a top food internet celebrity, Northwest Corner Breakfast, which has dominated the market with various advantages for many years, still maintains affordable prices and remains one of the most popular restaurants in Tianjin. The original intention of serving breakfast for the common people. The more than 100 merchants are basically old residents in this area. In addition to Xiaoli Roast Chicken, Tangmajia, Jinlaowei, Cake King, Gushang Desheng, Mumin Gourmet, etc., they have district-level intangible cultural heritage properties in Hongqiao District. In addition to the old shops with craftsmanship, workshop-style small-front operations are the mainstream in the northwest corner. Many old-style restaurants have the craftsmanship and brand names passed down by three or four generations. This characteristic makes the operators more loyal to their original aspirations.

As a unique breakfast in Tianjin, the braised rice crust has different tastes. After soaking the coriander roots, mushrooms and onions for a day, heat the oil in a pan and stir-fry the base ingredients for seasoning the next day, then pour the cooked coriander water. Boil it in a pot, then thicken it and take it out of the pot; for authentic pancake dumplings, you need to soak mung beans overnight, grind them with a stone mill, and prepare the batter. Brushed with sauce, it becomes a Tianjin pancake with rich bean flavor, crispy and delicious. The northwest corner is a Hui residential area built on the basis of the Muslim Nanda Temple. Specialty breakfasts such as oven dumplings, beef soup and mutton soup are also unique. Among them, the fillings of the oven dumplings also need to be prepared for two days. That is, after the fillings are mixed on the first day, they are frozen at the appropriate temperature overnight. , solid taste, unique flavor… The reason why the traditional food in the northwest corner has an attractive taste is closely related to its decades-long production process, painstaking persistence, and consistent taste requirements. It is also an Internet celebrity. After the effect emerged, more and more tourists and diners recognized the main reason why this area is responsible for the taste.

The traffic impact brought by the Internet celebrity economy has also caused many merchants in the northwest corner to adjust themselves and rejuvenate old brands. For example, Gushang Desheng’s sticky food production insists on not using any preservatives in the dough making process, but uses butter and other ingredients to keep it fresh. Its pea cakes are not mixed with other flour or soybean flour to ensure the pure pea flavor. , although these methods increase the cost, they are quickly recognized by diners, and many diners from other places come to Tianjin to taste this unique flavor. For another example, while retaining ancient craftsmanship, Daiji Sugar Shop has developed many new sweets suitable for modern tastes and strengthened online communication and sales.

  Merchants feed back regional development charity funds to deepen cultivation in categories

With the outbreak of the two “May Day” holidays in 2021 and 2022, and since the opening of the market in 2023, the customer flow of Zaobao in the northwest corner has increased sharply, and the turnover of many merchants has also maintained a substantial increase. The turnover of some snack stalls is even higher than that in 2021. The same period last year increased by 3-5 times. The side effects of top gourmet internet celebrity check-in spots have also begun to appear, such as too long operating hours, too many staff, insufficient security clearance, and a dilapidated community environment. In response to these problems, and taking into account the further improvement of regional economic scale and sustainable development model, Lingdangge Street explored the establishment of the “Northwest Point Red Pomegranate Charity Fund” to build a charity ecosystem and create a good living, cultural and business environment. Continuously stimulate new vitality in old neighborhoods. On the premise of ensuring that the foundation’s funds are open, fair and transparent, we will explore new development paths and guide neighborhood merchants to participate in charitable activities to contribute back to society. Liu Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiguan Beili Community and Chairman of the Northwest Point Red Pomegranate Charitable Fund, revealed that the foundation has completed the first phase of targeted fundraising for the fund, and 65 merchants have raised a total of more than 760,000 yuan.

“The foundation cooperated with the charity team of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts to design and paint multiple themed walls in the northwest corner area to enhance the street environment, restore the taste of Tianjin, and promote Tianjin food culture. Recently, some residents have also distributed heart-warming packages and called on merchants to participate Self-beautification activities, etc.” Liu Wei said that the foundation will explore new methods and actively build a public welfare and charity ecosystem in the northwest corner, and jointly plan 7 projects in three categories: benefiting the people, construction, and hematopoiesis, namely “Lingli” “Watch the Bell Action” project, characteristic neighborhood creation project, public welfare environmental protection project, public welfare ambassador project, finding the most beautiful merchant project, cultural and creative public welfare market project, and brand public welfare flagship store project.

In the square in front of the Nanda Mosque, the “Tianjin Northwest Corner Souvenirs” cultural and creative market also attracted a lot of attention. The country’s first breakfast food map, Northwest Corner themed cultural and creative ice cream, Northwest Corner themed environmental protection bags, cultural and creative check-in postcards, and refrigerator magnets featuring the Northwest Corner cultural and creative cartoon characters Pancake Man and Fried Cake Man, etc. Consumers purchase these cultural and creative products At the same time, part of the funds will be automatically injected into the Red Pomegranate Charity Foundation to jointly participate in the construction of “Northwest Corner of Fireworks, Happy Bell Pavilion”. (Liu Ying, editor of Jinyun News)


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