“Why don’t you fry eggs for me?” Man in his 40s sentenced to 7 years in prison for beating his mother to death

“Why don’t you fry eggs for me?” Man in his 40s sentenced to 7 years in prison for beating his mother to death

A man in his 40s was sentenced to prison for assaulting his mother to death because she refused to make him drinks.

On the 7th, the Jeju District Court’s Criminal Division 2 (Presiding Judge Jin Jae-kyung) sentenced Mr. A (41), who was arrested and indicted on charges of causing injury to a relative and causing death, to 7 years in prison.

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According to the indictment, Mr. A is accused of assaulting his mother in her 60s at an apartment in Donghong-dong, Seogwipo-si, his residence, on May 17 and causing her death the next day.

Mr. A reported to the police, “My mother has collapsed,” but when the police arrived at the scene, Mr. B was already dead.

The police confirmed the circumstances of the murder, including a wound on the victim’s head, and immediately arrested Mr. A. As a result of the autopsy, the cause of death was confirmed to be brain damage.

Mr. A said, “My mother refused my request to make a fried egg to go with the drink, so we got into an argument and pushed her. After the argument, I went out and when I came back, I found my mother lying down, so I reported it.” He admitted to the assault, but did not know that he would die. stated.

The prosecution requested 10 years in prison, saying, “Looking at the victim’s condition, it appears that Mr. A habitually assaulted his mother, and although he ultimately caused her death, Mr. A denies the crime and is not reflecting on it.”

On the other hand, Mr. A’s lawyer said, “It appears that the victim’s health has deteriorated, as he has been complaining of dizziness. He argued, “It is possible that he died because he fell and hit his head for some reason,” and added, “It is difficult to say that the facts of the indictment have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

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However, the court did not accept Mr. A’s argument, saying, “Although the defendant denies the facts of the indictment and there is no direct evidence, considering the indirect evidence, it can be acknowledged that Mr. A pushed the victim hard, causing injury, which resulted in the victim’s death.” didn’t

The court said, “The cause of death is that the victim fell backwards and hit the back of his head hard against a blunt object, causing brain damage. “If you accidentally fall, your defense mechanism will be activated, but the victim fell backwards at a high speed without even having time to do so,” he explained.

He continued, “Looking at the CCTV footage and statements from those around him, it appears that the victim was weak, but not to the point where he fell,” and added, “There is no reasonable doubt that he fell backwards so hard that his head was damaged without any external force.” .

In addition, “The defendant claims that he simply pushed and pulled slightly, but the scene was extremely messy with broken dishes and clothes strewn about, and the autopsy found numerous bruises, which supports the fact that considerable violence was used.” He said he couldn’t see it.

Regarding the sentencing, he explained, “The guilt is very heavy, and there is a possibility of accusations of inhumanity,” and “However, we took into consideration the fact that it does not appear that the murder was intentional and that it was accidental.”

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