Why is December 8 a holiday: long weekend?

Why is December 8 a holiday: long weekend?

Friday, December 8, will be a holiday and will make up the last long weekend of 2023, already in the run-up to the end-of-year festivities.

On December 8, the Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary is celebrated, so the national government decreed the day as a national holiday. It will not be moved, so it will be combined with Saturday and Sunday to form a long “weekend.”

The last holiday was Monday, November 20, National Sovereignty Day, which fell one day after the electoral runoff that gave victory to Javier Milei.

December 8 holiday: what is celebrated

The date was instituted by the Vatican in 1854, during the papacy of Pius IX who, after consulting with the world episcopate, confirmed the special celebration for that day.

The dogma of the Immaculate Conception, according to the Catholic faith, means that Mary never had original sin and was preserved immaculate from her conception. That is, from the moment she began her life as a human being. It is also for many the day when the Christmas tree and manger are put together.

Virgin Mary. Immaculate Conception. (Wikipedia)

How businesses work

The operation of commerce in Córdoba for this type of holiday is usually practically normal. But we will have to see what the Córdoba Chamber of Commerce decides since this time it falls on Friday.

Most businesses open their doors as the end of the year approaches. However, employers must pay their workers as a double working day.


During holidays, employees are not required to work. If they do, the employer must pay them double. That is, the worker earns 100% compared to a normal day.

According to article 166 of the Employment Contract Law, the normal legal regulations regarding Sunday rest apply on national holidays. If workers provide services, they will receive the normal remuneration for working days plus an equal amount (that is, double).


The monthly worker’s salary must be divided by 30, subtracting one day that corresponds to the holiday. In turn, the salary must be divided by 25 (art. 155 LCT). Finally, to the 29 days of the aforementioned salary, the day calculated with the vacation criterion must be added – with which you will perceive a small difference in your favor.


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