Will it surpass ‘GOAT’ Brady? The Mahomes era! Kansas City reaches the Super Bowl

Will it surpass ‘GOAT’ Brady?  The Mahomes era!  Kansas City reaches the Super Bowl

On the sports stage, when a legend who dominated an era retires, all attention is focused on his successor. American professional football (NFL) also attracted attention as to who would succeed the retirement of Tom Brady (46), the ‘greatest player of all time’. Brady retired from active duty in 2022 after winning the most Super Bowl wins (7 times) and being the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in Super Bowl history 5 times.

A player has been born who takes on Brady’s legacy and tries to surpass his stronghold. Kansas City Chiefs’ ‘ace quarterback’ Patrick Mahomes (28) played well in the Super Bowl and led the team in winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the second consecutive time.

Patrick Mahomes. AP Yonhap News

Kansas City achieved a dramatic comeback victory over the San Francisco 49ers, 25-22, in the 58th Super Bowl held at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 12th.

As a result, Kansas City, which was at the top of the Super Bowl last year, achieved the feat of ‘consecutive wins’ for the first time in 19 years. Kansas City’s fourth win. This is the first time since the New England Patriots in 2004-2005 that they have won back-to-back Super Bowls.

Kansas City also succeeded in building a dynasty with this win. Kansas City has advanced to the Super Bowl four times in the past five years and has won three championships, creating an undisputed dynasty.

The two teams, who were unable to determine the winner at 19-19 in regular time, continued their heated battle until overtime, as expected of the largest event on earth. In Super Bowl overtime, which has a 15-minute time limit, the team that exchanges attacks once and scores more points wins.

San Francisco, which went on the attack first, was satisfied with scoring three points with a field goal, and Kansas City had an opportunity. In Kansas City, ‘offensive commander’ Mahomes directly launched a counterattack. He showed off his ability as a quarterback who could not only deliver sophisticated passes, but also run directly through his quick feet. He approached San Francisco’s camp little by little by boldly moving forward, picking up the ball and running whenever he was blocked by the opposing defense. In particular, he succeeded in setting the tone by advancing 8 yards (7.3 m) on his fourth attack attempt with 6 minutes and 5 seconds left at the end of overtime. In the end, Mahomes delivered a touchdown pass to wide receiver Michol Hardman just before the end to make it 25-22, putting an end to the game. Mahomes attempted a total of 46 passes on this day and completed 34 passes, including two touchdown passes.

World-famous pop star Taylor Swift (right) and her Super Bowl-winning lover Travis Kelce. AFP Yonhap News

Mahomes, who led Kansas City to victory, was selected as Super Bowl MVP. Mahomes won MVP in both the 54th and 57th-58th Super Bowls, which he led the way to victory. He is tied for second place with the most Super Bowl MVP awards (3 times) along with the ‘legend’ Joe Montana. The first place is Brady, the 5-time MVP. Brady won his third Super Bowl championship ring at the age of 27, and Mahomes, 28 this year, also won his third championship, and is expected to surpass Brady’s record for the rest of his career.

Meanwhile, in Kansas City on this day, another ‘superstar’ Travis Kelce (34) also contributed to the victory by showing a rush to get closer to the opponent’s goal after receiving the ball at the end of extra time. His lover, the world’s greatest ‘pop star’ Taylor Swift (34), went to Las Vegas immediately after the performance in Tokyo, Japan, and watched the game that day. Swift, who cheered enthusiastically while wearing a necklace with a pendant with the number ’87’, Kelsey’s jersey number, showed her affection by giving a warm hug to her boyfriend Kelsey, who won the championship, on the ground after the game.

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