Will the attack on Rafah wake up Arab governments?

Will the attack on Rafah wake up Arab governments?

to report Jam Jam OnlineWhile Benjamin Netanyahu, four months after the start of the war, believes that the city of Rafah in the southernmost point of the Gaza Strip is the last remaining base for Hamas forces and that sending ground forces is necessary to defeat this group, two Egyptian officials and a Western diplomat On Sunday, they told the Associated Press that Egypt may suspend the peace treaty if Israeli troops attack Rafah.

According to the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, the number of military forces on both sides of the border is severely limited, with the consideration that these conditions can be modified in response to specific security threats. This treaty has allowed Israel to safely focus its army on other threats.

At the same time as the war in Gaza, Israel is engaged almost daily with Hezbollah in Lebanon, in addition to deploying its security forces as much as possible in the occupied West Bank.

If Egypt declares this agreement invalid, it could mean that Israel can no longer count on its southern borders as a safe zone. Undoubtedly, sending Israeli forces along the border with Egypt will challenge the Israeli army.

The Zionist regime, which has already lost its ability to control the self-made crisis, cannot tolerate the opening of a new front on the border of Egypt and a return to the old Arab-Israeli wars.

Of course, the announcement of Egypt’s unilateral withdrawal from the peace agreement with Israel will also have consequences for Egypt. Egypt has received billions of dollars in military aid from the United States since the peace accord.

If the Camp David agreement is declared null and void, then it could overshadow Washington’s military aid budget to Cairo. In addition, if Egypt wants to deploy large military forces in the Sinai Peninsula, it will put the country’s austerity economy under more pressure.

However, the public opinions of the region expect the governments bordering Palestine to help the Palestinians. The people of Egypt, Jordan or Saudi Arabia do not want to see their governments passive and closed in the face of Israel’s crimes.

It is natural that the pressure of Africa and England has prevented the Arab governments from taking practical action towards Palestine, but it is expected that Netanyahu crossing the red line of attacking Rafah will face this regime with sharper reactions in the Arab world.


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