Will the city of Évreux really deprive itself of the Olympic Flame for financial reasons?

Will the city of Évreux really deprive itself of the Olympic Flame for financial reasons?

Will pass, will not pass? Last week, the decision of the mayor of Évreux Guy Lefrand (LR) seemed almost irrevocable: the city gave up hosting the Olympic Torch relay on July 6, notably for financial reasons. Since then, things are no longer so certain and it is not excluded that the Olympic flame will finally pass through Évreux, as was initially planned.

“All the departmental capitals will host the Flame, Évreux cannot be excluded,” explained Karêne Beauvillard, first deputy of the city of Évreux, on Monday. It is a popular event, it is awaited by our residents and it is a lever of attractiveness for the region. » Karêne Beauvillard specifies that she is speaking with her other hat as departmental councilor of Eure.

“At the municipal council, we were presented with a somewhat burdensome file, with an invoice of 125,000 euros for the purchase or rental of 3,000 barriers and the use of private security companies, without counting the expenses necessary for the “animation” explains the chosen one. For her, “there was an overestimation of costs”. In fact, according to the estimates of the Organizing Committee (Cojo) reported by department of Eure, the average cost is “around 30,000 euros” for security in the other towns of Eure which will host the flame Olympic.

Not squander our taxes?

In a press release published on Facebook on Saturday, the mayor of Évreux Guy Lefrand spoke of a bill of 100,000 euros for the municipality in order to secure the approximately 6 km of route, with the obligation to use private security agencies and buy or rent security barriers. He also wondered about the advisability of neutralizing the city’s major roads during the busy summer departure period. Between those who congratulate him for not wasting their taxes and those who regret being deprived of a once-in-a-lifetime event, the reactions are varied.

For Karêne Beauvillard, it is nevertheless possible to make savings: “In Chartres, she explains, security expenses will amount to 10,000 euros, with 300 barriers and the support of volunteers for security on a 7 km relay. With the number of volunteers we have, thanks to the sports clubs, and a revised route, it is possible to significantly reduce the bill.”

On Saturday, in his press release Guy Lefrand, mayor of Évreux, did not fail to leave the door open to possible partners to imagine a sustainable system for the city. An invitation to negotiation well understood by the department of Eure, chaired by a right-wing party close to the presidential majority, which however warns about the timetable and wishes to resolve the issue quickly. “After the Évreux announcement,” we told the departmental council, “other towns came forward, they should not be penalized in the organization, if necessary. »


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