Will there be group action against increasing the number of troops, such as medical students taking a leave of absence? “It seems difficult to refuse the national exam.”

Will there be group action against increasing the number of troops, such as medical students taking a leave of absence?  “It seems difficult to refuse the national exam.”

Following residents, medical students are also protesting against the government’s policy to expand medical school admissions and are discussing response measures, but no specific conclusion has been reached for several hours.

The Korean Medical University and Graduate School of Medicine Student Association (KMA) held an online extraordinary general meeting of delegates on the 13th and discussed collective action plans to respond to medical policies, including the government’s increase in medical schools, from 6:30 p.m. to past midnight. .

It was reported that the meeting held on this day, attended by representatives of each university’s medical school, failed to decide on a direction for collective action until well after midnight. After concluding the extraordinary general meeting at around 11:30 pm on this day, they continued further discussions at the internal task force (TF).

Regarding collective action by medical students, there are speculations that the Moon Jae-in administration may refuse national exams, refuse classes, or take leave of absence, as was the case in 2020 when the Moon Jae-in administration pushed to increase the number of medical schools. However, this time, it is realistically impossible to refuse the national exam as the national exam for doctors has already ended last month and the successful candidates have been announced.

The government also believes that the possibility of rejecting the national ordinance is not high due to the timing, but is carefully watching the situation. Park Min-soo, Second Vice Minister of Health and Welfare, said in a briefing at the Doctors’ Collective Action Central Accident Control Headquarters (Reference Version) on this day, “The national examination is over, the next national examination will have to be held in a year, but it is unlikely that anything (such as rejection) will happen,” and said, “The national examination is over.” He said he would keep a close eye on the possibility of collective action.

There are also predictions that it will not be easy for medical students to come to a conclusion right away, as the Korean Medical Residents’ Association (Daejeon Medical Association), their ‘senior’, has not mentioned how they will respond.

At the online extraordinary general meeting held the previous day, Daejeon Cooperative decided to resign from the executive branch, except for Chairman Park Dan, and to transition to an emergency response committee. However, future collective action plans were not revealed.

The Korea Medical Colleges Association has been opposing the government’s increase in medical schools due to concerns about a decline in the quality of medical education.

At the end of November last year, he said in a statement, “We urge the government to withdraw its unilateral medical school quota expansion policy,” and added, “We will never sit idly by when the government enforces an arbitrary policy and will strive to protect the future educational environment and future patients.” “It is,” he said.

The Medical Education Council, a medical education group, said in a statement that day, “The rapid attempt to increase the number of medical school admissions will place a serious burden on the educational environment and trigger the withdrawal of students from natural science, life sciences, and engineering schools.” “We must take this seriously and reexamine the scale, method, and timing of medical school expansion,” he argued.

The government announced that it will select 5,058 students from the 2025 college entrance exam, which is 2,000 more than the current medical school quota of 3,058 students.

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