‘Winter Precautions Meeting’ before the expected snowfall in Istanbul

‘Winter Precautions Meeting’ before the expected snowfall in Istanbul

Before the expected snowfall in Istanbul on November 26, a ‘Winter Precautions Meeting’ was held under the chairmanship of Istanbul Governor Davut Gül. Speaking at the meeting held at the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Directorate, Gül said, “Snowfall is expected in our Istanbul on Sunday, November 26. Today, we are holding the ‘Winter Precautions Meeting’ to ensure inter-institutional cooperation and to review the disaster risk. Like snowfall The most important thing in disasters and events is ensuring timing and coordination. We will take all the decisions we need to make on time by closely following the meteorological data in our Istanbul. Disaster Working Groups will be in control of their work and demands will be fulfilled immediately. District governors will provide measures with provincial coordination boards. To all of you “I thank you for your contributions. Hopefully, we will get through the snow process in Istanbul with pride,” he said.


At the meeting, it was decided that the winter tire obligation for commercial vehicles, which is between 1 December and 1 April every year, will be postponed to 25 November 2023 in Istanbul this year. At the meeting, within the scope of the 2023-2024 Season Winter Measures in Istanbul, the Istanbul Provincial Police Department has a total of 1,504 personnel, including 427 traffic elements, 260 public order teams and 8 gendarmerie teams in the police responsibility area, and a total of 147 traffic personnel in the Gendarmerie responsibility area. A total of 1,836 personnel, including 498 Gendarmerie teams, will be on duty. 1st Regional Directorate of Highways teams will serve 13 thousand 451 personnel, 3 thousand 708 vehicles and construction equipment, 366 thousand 720 tons of salt, 8 thousand 370 tons of solution and solutions, and 5 thousand 598 vehicles in 23 Highway Service Facilities. Disaster Nutrition Group; It will serve at 87 points with 117 vehicles, 300 personnel and 2 thousand volunteers.

Disaster Health Group will provide service with 513 112 Ambulance Service and 39 UMKE vehicles. By the Agriculture, Forestry, Food, Water and Livestock Group; It will distribute 2 tons of food to stray animals on cold and snowy days with 200 personnel and 50 vehicles. Disaster Technical Support and Supply Group; 14 thousand 18 personnel will provide service with a total of 32 thousand 325 work machines and 2 thousand 969 machines and equipment registered with the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. It was stated that the Search and Rescue Group will provide service with 363 Personnel, 54 Vehicles and 6 Boats.


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