‘Wirangrong’ invites Chulalongkorn residents, both old and present. Gather together to protect ‘His Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’

‘Wirangrong’ invites Chulalongkorn residents, both old and present.  Gather together to protect  ‘His Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’

“Wirangrong” invites Chula residents, both former and current Chula students. Come out to show your strength to protect Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Looking at the chaos in the royal procession, it shouldn’t have happened. There must be better management. Believe that if you break through the palace, you will feel guilty and apologize. Thai people are ready to forgive.

12 Feb. 2024 Mrs. Wirangrong Dabbaransi, President of the University Network for National Reform As the coordinator of the ‘Chulalongkorn Rak Phra Thep Group’, he spoke about the activity to show his stance to protect Department of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and offered encouragement to Her Majesty Let it be evident to the whole country. which has invited former students and current Chulalongkorn students came out to show their strength to protect and give allegiance to His Majesty He is an alumni of the Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, because he did not agree with the actions of those who disrespected His Majesty’s honor by trying to drive into the royal procession.

The activity will be held at the Two Reigns Monument. Chulalongkorn University at 4:00 p.m. on February 15th. By dressing politely Wrap your right arm with a small purple ribbon or scarf. Or wear a purple shirt

By Mrs. Wirangrong Discussing the reason for this movement that it is because we love Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. We have seen you since we were young. You are a Chula student. Stay with us Chulalongkorn people. When someone harasses you like this We therefore want to offer encouragement, show love and protection, not political activities. There will be participation in singing Chulalongkorn songs, offering wreaths, and taking photos together. and a few other activities

As for opinions in the case of Ms. Thantawan Tuatulanon, leader of the Talu Wang group Obstructing the 504 royal procession, Mrs. Wirangrong said, was inappropriate. Even though he is over 20 years old, she still sees him as a child, a youth, and the future of the nation. When I saw him do this He was worried that Now society is very against him. Worried about the violence that might happen to him. Because society still views what he did as wrong. He does not agree with this action.

Mrs. Wirangrong added that she thought he must have received wrong information because after listening to what he said, It’s not real information at all. It may even start with teachers in schools. Therefore, we must start fixing it at the school level. Some children who are like this must ask if their parents are too. Because from what was found Many houses are like this. Children are like parents. Meanwhile, some homes with children are like this. But my parents couldn’t take it. It’s a pitiful thing. We should try to persuade them to come back. We must help each other. Don’t let children make mistakes like this. Their lives should not end in prison. or has been brought to court since this age

“If we lose these children If he hates the country He is angry about everything. He is not happy to live in this country. Want to be like other countries I don’t have the heart to love our country. So how will the country move forward in the future? I want the adults in the country to seriously look at this point. It’s not just about economic prosperity. or structure But you must not forget that This incident was also caused by an unresolved problem. both social inequality misunderstanding double standards It is time for educational reform. Good kids aren’t just smart. Must have morality There is also ethics, including the introduction of subjects, duties, morality, and history. Coming back to teaching in school is a good thing. But more importantly is the content and time that is provided adequately. further learning on such matters,” Mrs. Wirangrong said.

Mrs. Wirangrong spoke about the protection measures that Protection measures should already be in place. Both the process of following regulations, laws, and methods It’s already a duty. But why did the police chief come out so late? If you have good management The issue of driving a car into the royal procession would probably not happen. And that means the clash at Siam Paragon on February 11th.

“But the people who love the Department of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn feel that the Police Commander came out too late. And it is still unclear how you will solve the problem or express clarity about your duty to prevent future events from occurring again. To make the people feel comfortable Nowadays, it has become that people have to go out and protect the royal procession themselves. If the size is like this It’s called a country with no name, no foundation. Even the Prime Minister doesn’t seem to agree, despite all of this. It is your responsibility. The events that occurred were summarized as follows: No one is responsible for anything. And how many times will it have to happen over and over again?” Ms. Wirangrong said.

Mrs. Wirangrong reiterated that these matters must be done immediately. Otherwise, the number will continue to increase. Because of the large number of people There is fundamental dissatisfaction with the police. And the justice process that already has continuous arrests and releases, I don’t want to blame anyone. But what we see from the news is There shouldn’t be a picture like this anymore.

For the case of clashes between the Talu Wang Group and the People’s Center for the Protection of Institutions (PDRC) and the blue-blooded warriors protecting the Royal Palace. Whether there is too much violence or not, Ms. Wirangrong said, no one says it is not violent. No side came out to praise it. But the point is Who thinks which side is more violent? If you are on this side You blame that side for being violent. Blame the opposite side

”No one wants violence to happen. If the police follow The authority and duty to provide protection were dealt with immediately. The incident causing disturbance to the royal procession did not occur. As seen in the clip But I don’t want to blame the police. Because it was an event that was beyond expectations. Since coming out of my father’s womb, my mother never thought that something like this could happen in Thailand. On the police side If you do something too drastic It may be the spark of more violence. Because the perpetrator had recorded a clip and like making content In fact, I would like to commend the police for speaking out. Go try to explain calmly even though you were provoked by both words and actions. But after that There should be coordination. Not allowing that car to pass through to reach the royal procession. There should be a way to do it. Without using violence and safely,” Mrs. Wirangrong said.

Mrs. Wirangrong also said that she sympathized with the group that went to protect His Majesty’s honor. Those people went because of love. Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn loves the institution, so they could not tolerate it. If these events happen again Will there be less violence? almost impossible There will probably be more and more violence.

“If you look at the face of the person who did it He didn’t feel that what had happened was wrong. Even saying sorry He only apologized for driving fast. He didn’t apologize for honking his horn. or run into the royal procession He didn’t apologize for the issues that we felt he shouldn’t have done. It’s something that people are angry about. Not mentioned there And there will still be activities. Bring another sign to put up. So how can the court allow people to repeat their mistakes?” Ms. Wirangrong said.

When asked if this incident could escalate into a political conflict, Mrs. Wirangrong said that everyone is worried. But do you think it will be or not? You probably won’t be able to ask yourself. You have to go ask over there. Because we are not the ones who started it. He doesn’t want to divide sides. But I have to tell you honestly. that there was a side that started provoking Ready to cause violence, make content and share it further. to cause misunderstanding

“I have to ask, if you start like this, will you do it again? If you do it again, I think it will escalate. But if you stop He believes that people who are dissatisfied with him have now stopped. He believes that Thai people Not an unreasonable person If you feel like you’re not doing well causing conflict in society Then you stop doing that. Every Thai person forgives those who have done wrong, repents and apologizes, or even if you don’t apologize, it’s okay, but if you stop. Everyone wants to spend their time making a living. Rather than coming out to attack and stab each other in the middle of the road,” Mrs. Wirangrong concluded.

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