With the flag and anthem! Russian boxers brought 9 gold medals from the World Championships | Other types | Sport

With the flag and anthem!  Russian boxers brought 9 gold medals from the World Championships |  Other types |  Sport

No matter how Europe and the United States try to throw sanctions and various restrictions at Russian sport, we still have reason for joy and pride. At the Youth World Boxing Championships that ended in Montenegro, the Russian team won 18 medals – 9 gold, 8 silver and one bronze. But the main thing is that our team performed under its own flag and anthem.

And this is extremely important now, especially when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is trying with all its might to put a spoke in our wheels. Not only do they not allow Russian athletes to participate in international tournaments, but they also want to disrupt the “Friendship Games” planned for 2024.

“Given the ever-increasing politicization of world sport, we urge all national committees to approach this initiative with caution.

Any participation of NOCs in the World Friendship Games will not only conflict with the recommendations of the IOC Executive Committee dated February 25, 2022 (not to take part in any competitions on Russian territory – editor’s note), but will also contradict the overall goal of the Olympic movement – to preserve independence and autonomy of sport,” said the director of the IOC department recently James MacLeod.

And against this negative background, it is now extremely important to remind the whole world about the existence of the Russian flag and anthem at the international level. And, whatever one may say, the World Youth Championship always attracts special attention. New sports stars appear here, and fans, experts and specialists learn new names. You can even draw an analogy with the World Youth Hockey Championship, which is traditionally held on New Year’s Day. The excitement around the event is huge. Especially when Russia and Canada are playing.

So here, in Montenegro, for ten days the still young (under 22 years old) boxers sorted things out. The International Boxing Association refused to comply with the IOC’s recommendation, and therefore during the award ceremony the Russian flag was hoisted nine times – according to the number of victories in the final fights of Russians. Here, by the way, are the names of our heroes.


— Elena Babicheva (Russia) — category up to 63 kg;

— Albina Moldazhanova (Russia) — category up to 66 kg;

— Lada Eskina (Russia) — category up to 70 kg;

— Maria Kuchmanova (Russia) — category over 81 kg.


— Mushegh Bayanduryan (Russia) — category up to 48 kg;

— Andrey Peglivanyan (Russia) — category up to 54 kg;

– Akhmadshoh Makhmadshoev (Russia) – category up to 67 kg;

— Cheerav Ashalaev (Russia) — category up to 75 kg;

— Ramazan Dadaev (Russia) — category up to 92 kg.

In another eight finals, Russian boxers lost to their opponents, taking silver. These medals belong to Arina Vostrikova, Valeria Linkova, Ulyana Savro, Albina Kudinova, Konstantin Opolsky, Beshto Shavlaev, Khasmagomed Dzhavatkhanov and Sergei Manzhuev. As a result, the Russian team took a confident first place in the overall standings. Also, the tournament organizers recognized the Russian representative as the best judge of the World Championship – Sergei Krutasov.

It is worth noting that the World Championship had a substantial prize fund – 500 thousand US dollars. The winners received $8,000 each, silver medalists received $4,000 each, and bronze medalists received $2,000 each.


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