World’s largest displacement crisis and rising malnutrition

World’s largest displacement crisis and rising malnutrition

The UN World Food Program (WFP) warns that the war in Sudan, which has lasted for almost ten months, has caused an increase in malnutrition across the region and is creating the largest displacement crisis in the world.

At least 25 million people struggle with rising hunger and malnutrition as the crisis in Sudan sends shockwaves across the region. Thousands of families are being displaced and forced to cross the borders of Chad and South Sudan every week.

Around 1.8 million people who fled the war found refuge mainly in neighboring countries, Chad and South Sudan, which, however, struggle with their own weaknesses.


In South Sudan, families who fled Sudan represent just 3% of the population but 35% of people facing catastrophic levels of hunger.

According to WFP, around 4% of children under five who cross the border with South Sudan are malnourished upon entering the country. 18 million people suffer from acute food insecurity in Sudan and an estimated 3.8 million Sudanese children under the age of five are malnourished.

But people crossing the border into South Sudan are joining families already struggling with reduced rations and extreme hunger.

Five years of war and unprecedented floods have pushed South Sudan itself into a dire situation, with more than 75% of the country’s 12 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and almost three million on the brink of famine.


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