Year of Reunion | Happy New Year

Year of Reunion | Happy New Year

Blessed people have the name of Baishun.

The Spring Festival is a good day for Chinese people to pray, receive blessings and send blessings. Every Chinese New Year, every household will have large and small stickers with the word “福” on them, and relatives and friends will send warm blessings when they meet.

“福” has become synonymous with beautiful things and expresses people’s wishes for a better future.

During General Secretary Xi Jinping’s previous Spring Festival inspections, the camera captured scenes of tender moments, and the flourishing word “福” often caught people’s eyes.

In No. 5 community in Yanta District, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, residents sent a paper-cut with the word “福” and a calligraphy and painting with the words “Fu fills the world” to the General Secretary. Here, the General Secretary extended New Year blessings to the people across the country: “I wish every family, every resident, and every child a happy life, smooth work, and successful career in the New Year, and I wish the elderly good health and longevity.”

In a community painting and calligraphy studio in Nanchang, Jiangxi, a 9-year-old girl wrote a big word “福” on a red square piece of paper and gave it to the General Secretary. The general secretary took the word “blessing” and wished the children to study hard and make progress every day! I also told everyone that I hope that people across the country can live a happy and beautiful life.

On February 12, 2018, General Secretary Xi Jinping picked up the word “Fu” and extended New Year blessings to everyone in Zhanqi Village, Tangchang Street, Pidu District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

In Zhanqi Village, Chengdu, Sichuan, an art teacher specially wrote an original word “福” for the General Secretary. “The people here all say that those who have houses and fields are blessed. I regard this blessing asThis letter is sent to you, wishing our motherland peace and prosperity under your leadership. “The general secretary happily accepted the word “blessing” and said “good” repeatedly.

In the No. 1 Guard Service Squadron of the Beijing Garrison Support Brigade, a staff sergeant also wrote the word “福” on the spot as a gift to President Xi, expressing the soldiers’ New Year blessings for President Xi. There are two golden seals on both sides of this joyful word “福”, engraved with “Dream of a Strong Army” and “Guard Soldiers Loyal to the Party”… Chairman Xi urged the troops to arrange the holiday life of the soldiers so that everyone can enjoy it. A happy, peaceful and safe holiday.


“Fu” – one of the most festive and auspicious words in the eyes of the Chinese people, carries the Chinese nation’s profound and long-standing New Year culture, and also entrusts people’s diligent pursuit of a happy life.

Xi Jinping, who came from the loess land, ate, lived and worked with the villagers, and personally experienced the suffering of the people, is well aware of the people’s beautiful expectations and prayers for “blessings”. He understands what the villagers need most, “Our goal in pursuing socialism is to allow the people to live a happy and beautiful life.”

Health and peace are blessings.

In 2017, I went to Xu Xuehai’s home in Desheng Village, Hebei Province to pay New Year’s greetings. I learned that Xu Xuehai was in debt of more than 40,000 yuan due to heart disease surgery and could no longer do heavy work. The general secretary helped him calculate his income and expenditure while comforting him, saying that the party and government would definitely Continue to care about families like his, so that the villagers can live a better and better life, and ask local cadres to take timely and effective assistance measures.

On January 24, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the home of Xu Xuehai, a villager in Desheng Village, Xiaoertai Town, Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province.

“As long as there is still one household or even one person who has not solved the basic living problems, we cannot remain content; as long as the people’s yearning for a happy life has not become a reality, we must not slacken in uniting and leading the people to fight together.” The general secretary said Deep concern is engraved in the hearts of the people.

Having plenty of food and clothing is a blessing.

“Is the price of pigs okay?” “How much can a breeding pig earn per year?” On the eve of the 2020 Spring Festival in the Wa Village of Simola, Yunnan, the General Secretary and six members of Li Fushun’s family sat together and talked about a happy life. In 2017, the entire village of Simola was lifted out of poverty. At the end of 2019, villager Li Fashun’s family’s total income exceeded 40,000 yuan.

“The villagers’ poverty alleviation is only the first step towards a happy life. It is the starting point of a new life and a new struggle. On the basis of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, we must vigorously promote rural revitalization and make the happy Wa village happier.” Today’s Simo La, has transformed from a poor village in the past into a national AAAA-level scenic spot. In the past, no one cared about it, but now there are so many tourists; in the past, young people were thinking of ways to run away, but now they are all holding the “tourist bowl” at home and eating “tourist rice”…

National unity is a blessing.

At the “Praying for Five Animals” ceremony in Naadam, Inner Mongolia in winter, the General Secretary dipped his ring finger into the fresh milk in the silver bowl and flicked it three times. He prayed for the compatriots from ethnic minorities and the people of the whole country in the traditional Mongolian way, and wished good weather and good harvests in the new year. , grass and livestock thrive.

On January 19, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping sounded three Wa wooden drums at the square of Simola Wa Village in Zhongzhai, Sanjia Village, Qingshui Township, Tengchong City, Yunnan Province, wishing for good weather and prosperity in the coming year.

Similar scenes also appeared in Smola, YunnanWa VillageIn the square, the General Secretary sounded the Wa blessing wooden drum according to local customs, praying for good weather, peace and prosperity for the country and the people, and peace in the world.

“I feel very warm. The general secretary knows our customs here!”

In recent years, General Secretary Xi Jinping has visited areas inhabited by ethnic minorities many times for inspection and research, and in accordance with local customs, sent New Year blessings to people of all ethnic groups. He said: “To get rid of poverty, build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and achieve modernization, no nation can lack it.” If we work hard and work hard, we will achieve success over time. The Chinese nation is a family, hugging each other as tightly as pomegranate seeds.

A peaceful country and a peaceful people are a blessing.

Du Honggang’s house in Liubu Village, Tianjin, is full of New Year celebrations with flower cakes, New Year steamed buns, window grilles and lanterns. In this four-generation family that is in the post-disaster recovery period, the general secretary asked detailed questions about everything from medical insurance for the elderly to education for children to employment for young people.

On February 1, 2024, while inspecting the Sixth Port Village of Xinkou Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin, General Secretary Xi Jinping had a cordial chat with villager Du Honggang and his family.

Hearing Du Honggang say that with the help of the party and the government, he quickly overcame the difficulties and “added a little grandson”, the general secretary sincerely said: Only when the country is peaceful and the people are safe, can the country be peaceful. He said sincerely: “The people’s affairs are the most important things and they must be handled well.”

Clothing, food, housing, transportation, education, medical care, elderly care…the general secretary is concerned about everything related to the people in every detail. He said: “Making people’s lives happy is the ‘greatest country’.” “The pursuit of the Communist Party of China is to make people’s lives better and better!”

On February 12, 2018, on a Spring Festival street set up by villagers in Zhanqi Village, Pidu District, Chengdu, Sichuan, an old man over eighty years old held the General Secretary’s hand and said: “You are our good leader, China The people’s blessing.” The general secretary replied: “Thank you, I am the people’s servant and I serve the people.”

On February 1, 2019, in the small courtyard at No. 32 Si Tiao Hutong, Caochang, Qianmen East District, Beijing, residents warmly invited the General Secretary who came to pay New Year’s greetings to post the word “福” together. The general secretary enthusiastically picked up a large red background with the golden character “福” and skillfully pasted it on the door. He said to the residents: I hope our neighbors will always be happy.


When spring returns, the earth is beautiful and the world is filled with happiness and joy. From the General Secretary’s footsteps of praying, sending blessings, and benefiting the people, we can see the original intention and mission of the Communists.


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