Zakharova appreciated Biden’s statement about conflicts that “bring progress” | Policy

Zakharova appreciated Biden’s statement about conflicts that “bring progress” |  Policy

Russian Foreign Ministry official Maria Zakharova expressed the opinion that US President Joe Biden’s article for the Washington Post was one of the first steps of his election campaign. Izvestia writes about this.

In the article, the American leader said that conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East will result in progress for the United States. He also stressed the unacceptability of the displacement of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip and the need to ensure that Gaza and the West Bank are governed by a renewed Palestinian Authority.

“In this way, the leadership of the Democratic Party demonstrated to the top American bureaucracy and the people what Biden’s foreign policy strategy will look like in the coming months. She will look bad, absurd, wild, in a word – unsightly,” Zakharova commented on the article.

She added that Biden is starting the election campaign with a “historic failure” as the American leader’s approval rating is currently at a record low.

The diplomat also drew attention to the fact that Biden’s political team deliberately chose the format of a written article instead of the traditional address to the nation. According to her, the president’s aides did not consider it possible for him to speak on the topic of difficult issues of foreign policy settlement in person or in the form of a recording.

Earlier, the press bureau of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service stated that the United States behind closed doors is calling on the Israeli authorities to speed up the operation in the Gaza Strip, since its delay could negatively affect Joe Biden’s position before the presidential elections.


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