Zelenskyi told what and how many weapons Russia attacked Ukraine in March

Zelenskyi told what and how many weapons Russia attacked Ukraine in March


Ukraine needs air defense systems, as Russia continues to inflict daily deadly attacks on peaceful settlements, in March alone, the occupiers hit Ukraine with more than 4,000 guided aerial bombs, missiles and Shaheds.

Source: President Volodymyr Zelenskyi in Telegram

Zelensky’s direct speech: “This March alone, Russian terrorists used more than 400 missiles of various types, more than 600 Shaheds and more than 3,000 guided aerial bombs against Ukraine. Different cities and villages of Ukraine are suffering from this terror, and Russia is especially brutal in frontline territories and border communities.” .


Details: The President noted that Kharkiv, which has been hit by rockets and drones since the first day of this war, is particularly suffering. And now the occupiers began to drop aerial bombs on this city of more than a million people.

“This is daily abuse and pain, daily losses in the city. Destroyed critical infrastructure, daily destruction of ordinary residential buildings. All this will not happen when Ukraine receives reliable air defense systems that can save the lives of our people and restore safety to our cities,” Zelensky emphasized .

He emphasized that “Patriots” in the hands of Ukrainians proved that all forms of Russian terror can lose.

“And this is necessary – it is necessary for our Kharkiv and all other cities and communities whose lives are now under Russian attacks,” the president concluded.


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