Kübra Ünlü wrote! Rock Paper Scissors Surprised the Viewers with Its New Episode!

Kübra Ünlü wrote!  Rock Paper Scissors Surprised the Viewers with Its New Episode!



The news of the kidnapping of Eylem Tok and his son, which has been on Turkey’s agenda in recent weeks, appeared in the new episode of the series, causing the issue to come to the fore again on social media.

The series is directed by Yusuf Pirhasan and written by Uğraş Güneş; In the new episode, a scenario similar to the incident of writer Eylem Tok, who hit 5 people with his luxury car and caused the death of Oğuz Murat Acı, and kidnapped his 17-year-old son to America, appeared on the screen.

The first thing that happened in the new episode of the series was that Rıza could not remember his son Umut due to the fear he experienced due to his illness. Umut came to the prison with Neşet. He learned from the prosecutor that Rıza’s cellmate İsmet Uzun had passed away. Rıza could not recognize his son Umut after the frightening moments he experienced.

Harun’s attempt to put a man in Rıza’s cell after the information Fecir obtained was successful. Harun’s man Yücel, who was placed inside to protect Rıza, prevented the attempts to kill Rıza.

The series’ reference to the Eylem Tok incident begins in this episode of the series, when Furkan, while driving in his luxury vehicle, crashes into the courier Mehmet, who is delivering the order. Meryem goes to her brother Bünyamin to save her son, and Bünyamin blames the driver Ercan, who has nothing to do with the accident, and his sister Meryem. and calls Harun to his side to exonerate his nephew Furkan. The next part of the story was written to accompany the pain caused by Eylem Tok and his Son, which is a real life story.

The news of this accident that caused the death of the courier comes just as Meryem was having dinner with Prosecutor Süreyya. Meryem, who was informed about her son’s accident by the phone call she received from Süreyya, makes an attempt on someone else’s life in order to save her son, who does not have a driver’s license.

Prosecutor Süreyya supposedly went to the scene and took all the minutes and statements. The help of her older brother Bünyamin pulled both Meryem and her son into even worse chaos. He said that Bünyamin’s so-called driver was involved in that accident and the courier died, and asked Harun to work meticulously on this case.

While Harun was meeting with the driver who allegedly hit the courier; Umut and Neşet were also with the grieving family. Umut, who went to the scene with Neşet, caught a detail that would change the course of the case. Harun, who guaranteed that he would save his client, was once again defeated by Umut’s move. Umut, who presented the evidence to the court, ensured the arrest of the driver. Harun, who discovered that Furkan had actually caused the accident, asked Kadir to account. Harun left the case to Alev. He wanted to get rid of the dirty files.

On the other hand, Umut, who met Makbule years later, asked her for help in his father’s case. Umut, who did not realize that he was being followed during the long conversation, was unaware of the plan that could possibly happen to Makbule. Because after witnessing the meeting of Umut, who was followed by Fecir, with Makbule, the new plan was to kill Makbule.

Azad, who received instructions to kill Makbule, did not fulfill Fecir’s request. Umut and Rüya came face to face in the second hearing of the accident in which the courier lost his life. Umut presented the evidence he had to the presiding judge, proving that the real person who caused the accident was 17-year-old Furkan.

Meryem and Furkan, who panicked after everything was revealed and made plans to escape abroad, were caught by the police.

In the finale of the series, the emergence of another secret hole in the dialogues between Umut, Makbule and Alev excited the audience once again.


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