Dozens of Muhammadiyah Sragen Vocational School Students and Teachers Suspected of Food Poisoning

Dozens of Muhammadiyah Sragen Vocational School Students and Teachers Suspected of Food Poisoning

Officers handled students and teachers at SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Sragen who were suspected of having food poisoning, Monday (12/2/2024).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SRAGEN — Dozens of students and teachers at Muhammadiyah Vocational School 3, Sragen Regency, Central Java, experienced symptoms of poisoning. The symptoms of poisoning allegedly appeared after consuming snacks that were distributed during Isra Mi’raj commemoration activities.

Head of the Sragen Regency Health Service (Dinkes), Udayanti Proborini, said the incident was reported on Monday (12/2/2024), at around 10.30 WIB. “There was an incident suspected of food poisoning at the Isra Mi’raj commemoration event at SMK Muhammadiyah 3 Sragen. “In total there are around 59 students and teachers (who are suspected of having food poisoning),” he said, when contacted by media crew, Monday.

According to Udayanti, during this activity there were snacks distributed for consumption, namely bread and arem-arem. Meanwhile, he said, it is suspected that symptoms of poisoning appeared after consuming arem-arem.

“Possibly in the areas. Most of the complaints were found after eating arem-arem. “After that incident, some people felt nauseous and vomited,” said Udayanti.

Udayanti said that students and teachers who experienced symptoms such as food poisoning had been taken to health facilities. Some are handled at Gemolong Community Health Center, Dr Soeratno Regional Hospital, and Assalam General Hospital.

According to Udayanti, most of them have been sent home. “Everyone at the health center has gone home. “At Assalam Hospital there is still one, at Soeratno Hospital there are six, but conditions have improved and are being monitored,” he said.

Udayanti said that the Health Department would carry out an epidemiological investigation regarding the suspected food poisoning case. According to him, samples of food consumed and water were also examined. “We checked the water at Labkesda. “We checked our food at the Central Java Provincial Health Laboratory,” he said.


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