Landslide at KM 64 Bocimi Toll Road, Parungkuda Toll Exit Still Closed

Landslide at KM 64 Bocimi Toll Road, Parungkuda Toll Exit Still Closed


Landslide conditions on the Bocimi Toll Road at KM 64-600, precisely on the Parungkuda Toll Road towards Sukabumi, Ciambar District, Sukabumi Regency on Wednesday (3/4/2024) evening WIB.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG—–A landslide that occurred at kilometer 64 of the Bogor-Cianjur-Sukabumi (Bocimi) toll road, Wednesday (3/4/2024) evening caused vehicle access to the Parungkuda toll exit to remain closed until Thursday (4/4/2024) morning . Toll exit access is closed from Jakarta to Sukabumi and vice versa.

“The Parungkuda toll exit gate as of this morning, Thursday 04/04/24, is still closed on both lanes from Jakarta to Sukabumi and vice versa,” said Head of Public Relations of the West Java Regional Police, Police Commissioner Jules Abraham when confirmed, Thursday (4/4/2024) .

Jules Abraham said that all traffic flow was diverted to the Cigombong Cicurug toll exit. At 08.00 WIB a landslide inspection inspection will be carried out by the toll road management. Furthermore, at 09.00 WIB there will be an announcement from the toll management regarding the decision whether the toll gate can be used or not.

According to Abraham, one car was mired and has been handled. It is confirmed that there were no casualties in this incident. At the time of the incident, the toll road had been closed before the location. Vehicles from Bogor are released at the Cigombong toll exit, and vehicles from Sukabumi do not enter the Parungkuda toll exit, they are passed through the artery and enter the toll road at the Cigombong gate.

Previously, a landslide disaster occurred in the area of ​​kilometer 64 of the Bogor-Cianjur-Sukabumi (Bocimi) toll road, Wednesday (3/4/2024). As a result of this incident, one car fell into a ravine. “That’s right (landslide),” said Deputy Director of West Java Police Traffic AKBP Edwin Afandi, confirmed by journalists, Wednesday (3/4/2024).

He confirmed that a car had entered the ravine due to the landslide. However, his party has not received information about any casualties. “We are still handling the fatalities while there is no information yet. There is no further information yet, it is being handled by the Sukabumi Police,” he said.

He said that temporarily the Bocimi Toll Road could not be used for Eid homecoming due to landslides. His party is still waiting for Jasa Marga regarding this problem. “While the Bocimi toll road is not operational, previously Bocimi could be operational for Ketupat, because there was a landslide, Bocimi’s operations were temporarily closed while waiting for Jasa Marga,” he said.


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