Comedian and actor Richard Lewis dies after a heart attack

Comedian and actor Richard Lewis dies after a heart attack


North American comedy has lost one of its well-known national faces, although his fame was quite limited beyond North America. Richard Lewis has died at the age of 76. Precisely his most successful role was playing himself in the Larry David series, now known as ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, one of the veterans of television in the United States since it began its broadcasts in 2000, although it has ‘only’ been He had a dozen seasons due to professional needs – the last one is still going, but he left it in the previous one due to his health problems.

Lewis himself announced last year that he had Parkinson’s disease and his health had been deteriorating in recent months. According to what his publicist Jeff Abraham told CNN on Wednesday, his death occurred “peacefully” at his home in Los Angeles on Tuesday night after suffering a heart attack, from which he was unable to recover despite subsequently receiving medical attention. .

The career of Richard Philip Lewis (New York, 1947) is similar to that of many comedians in the United States who, frustrated with other jobs, end up in the world of humor and fortune allows them to make the leap to the small screen. In his case, he graduated in Marketing and Corporate Communication from Ohio State University, although comedy was his thing. In fact, while working at an advertising agency he also wrote scripts for comedian Morty Gunty.

Best comedian on television

And from being behind the typewriter he dared to jump onto the stage in 1971, participating in a then-known monologue contest. The thing worked and he began to chain several performances as a comedian. Three years later he would receive a great professional opportunity with the talk show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson’ on the NBC network, and since then he has become a well-known late-night comedy figure in North America. He toured much of the United States with other renowned comedians such as David Brenner and Robert Klein and even performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall concert hall in New York, in the heart of Manhattan.

Lewis (right), with actor and comedian Larry David in the series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’.


He combined this professional work as a comedian on stage with his appearance in several special comedy programs on television during the 1980s. And they were so successful that he was even nominated as the funniest comedian on American television at the American Comedy Awards. in 1988. He also appeared in several series such as ‘Blunt Talk’, although the best known was the aforementioned ‘The Larry David Show’, now called ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. In film he acted as a supporting character in a dozen films, including ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ (1995) with Nicholas Cage, ‘Caravan to the East’ (1994) and ‘Only the Killer is Missing’, both with fellow comedian John Candy, ‘ The Crazy, Crazy Adventures of Robin Hood (1993)’ by the famous Mel Brooks.


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